Beachy Clean Visitors

Virginia Beach was voted one of the top ten cleanest beaches in the country. AndBeachyClean1 we want to keep it that way so that when you visit, your trip is incredibly enjoyable. Litter, beach closures and plastic pollution are all avoidable with a few small steps that every beach visitor can take.

  • Dispose of cigarette butts and all trash properly.
  • Don’t feed the gulls or any wildlife.
  • If you have your pet with you, remember to pick up after it.
  • Use reusable drink containers and shopping bags.
  • Avoid single use plastics such as straws and utensils, especially while on the beach.
  • Foam food boxes can easily blow away from your area or out of the trash cans, make sure they are secure then disposed of properly (or better yet, avoid them completely).
  • Never release balloons: not here, not anywhere. They can travel hundreds of miles so no matter where you are, they can still affect beaches and waterways.
  • Reuse your hotel towels to cut down on water consumption.
  • Make sure the area around you is clean before you leave the beach.
  • Recycle plastic and glass bottles, paper, plastic containers and cans in the blue containers by the boardwalk.
  • Make sure your soaps, scrubs and toothpastes do not contain plastic microbeads (look for polypropylene or polyethelene in the ingredients; click for more info). They can easily flush down the drain and end up in the ocean and waterways.
  • When you go out to eat at any of our fabulous restaurants, be sure if you order seafood, you check the Virginia Aquarium’s Sensible Seafood list for sustainably harvested fish.


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